Wahoo – ?

Yup, that’s right we have an infestation of Wahoo now. What’s next – Roosterfish? Time to through wire your jigs, not just behind the head. I found out the hard way last Monday 9/21 after experiencing a quad strike, only 1 jig survived.

Since then myself, and The Fleet from “J Dock” has been out in pursuit of the quarry with enough wire to build a suspension bridge.  I have had 2 good strikes on the Marauders, but both came unbuttoned. There are reports of Rapala’s working as well – with Marlin Jigs being the #1 target.

Jeff Meeker’s “Doghouse” is the first boat – to my knowledge to have successfully landed their Wahoo. (He did have to sacrifice an unwired jig first though). 5 minutes after re-rigging/wiring he was able to land the fish.

These fish are close to the beach, so be ready for anything.

Billy Vitale – Weighmaster