March 2022 President’s Message

Greetings fellow MBMC members.…I hope this message finds you well. 

As you all know, the 2021 fishing season was celebrated this past weekend with our annual MBMC awards banquet. A special thanks to those that were able to attend and enjoy good food and camaraderie. In addition to handing out awards for member achievements, we also held a brief membership meeting to thank members that served on the 2021 board along with the many members that contributed their time throughout the year to make our club function as well as it does. A brief summary of that is as follows: 

Special thanks goes out to my fellow board members Billy Vitale and Ken Yasuda who did a great job working to make the best of club events despite a year full of Covid restrictions. I also wanted to thank Trish Carlin for her tireless efforts in support of treasury responsibilities. Also a huge thank you goes to Larry Oberti for his ongoing efforts to support the club website and email distributions. Thank you to Paul Himmelberger in getting the 2021 taxes filed. A big thank you also goes out to Kent Yamada for all his effort in making the club directories a reality. And of course many thanks goes out to the many volunteers that supported events throughout the year.

As part of the membership meeting, we also confirmed your 2022 board of directors as follows. On behalf of the MBMC, I want to extend my sincere gratitude to those that stepped up to donate their time in support of making club functions flow smoothly throughout the year. 

o   Shane Hurt (President)

o   Ken Yasuda (Vice President / Membership coordinator)

o   Billy Vitale (Weighmaster / Social Director)

o   Kevin Yamamoto (Tournament Co-chair)

o   Ray Fear (Tournament Co-chair)

o   Scott Paul (Secretary)

o   Jerry Lively (Treasurer)

I would also like to take a moment to send out a warm welcome to the following new MBMC members Thomas Baronner, Ray Fear, Christine Kollar, Cliff Moore, and Orion Podulka (Jr). Welcome aboard all!

Moving on, I wanted to congratulate the February FOM winner Tim Honick for his 13.8 lb Ling Cod catch. Well done Tim!

Recent fish reports have been tough to come by but it definitely sounds like the action is starting to come around. Rock fishing has been good since the season opened up on March 1st. Those putting in the time have been reaping the rewards. There have also been some reports of nice White Sea Bass being taken in tight to La Jolla. No squid yet but hopefully soon coming. And finally as I’m sure many of you have heard, the Bluefin have made their way back into the reports this week as they make their annual approach to San Diego. Time to get that tackle dusted off and load some fresh line on the reels!

In closing I wanted to remind everyone that the most fuel efficient tournament of the year is coming up towards the end of April. The Bay Bass Tournament is scheduled for the weekend of April 23/24 and we are hoping for a solid turnout. Let’s get the fishing season started with a solid turnout!!!

Until next time, tight lines and smooth seas.

Shane Hurt

MBMC President – 2022