April 2022 President’s Message

Greetings fellow MBMC members, 

I hope this message finds you well as the weather warms and our fishing action starts to heat up. 

Before jumping in, I wanted to throw out a quick reminder that our first tournament of 2022 takes place this coming weekend. We are hoping all our members will dust off their light tackle and come out to join us for the Bay Bass Tournament taking place in Mission Bay. As a reminder to previous emails, all member boats and shore fishing options are acceptable so come on out and enjoy some friendly competition! Entry Forms and Rules can be found on the club website and your board has made every effort to make entry and posting of catches as easy as possible. Also mentioned was the fact that “Hog Trough” measuring devices are available on Amazon for ~$8.00 if you are unable to find one at one of our local preferred tackle vendors.

Also keep in mind the MBMC Halibut/White Sea Bass Tournament is coming up on May 21/22 so make sure your night vision and bounce balls are all in proper working order!

A quick fish report to get us fired up…..sounds like the Bluefin Tuna have moved up above the border in increasing numbers. According to my intel the sport boats are seeing limits with the fish biting everything on “heavy” line (40 lb). Sounds like now is a good time to get on the fish before they smarten up as the season progresses.

Sounds like the local inshore bite is hit and miss with little coverage but those making the efforts are being rewarded. Similar story with the cod fishing.

Wanted to congratulate our March FOM winner – Billy Vitale takes home the award for a 6.2 lb red rockfish. Nice going Billy!

I wanted to take a moment to recap the 2021 MBMC Awards Banquet that was held towards the end of March at Andre’s restaurant in Bay Park. Many thanks to the board for putting that together along with all those that came out to socialize and congratulate the winners from last year. Aside from all our largest species and Oscar winners, I wanted to congratulate our early bird drawing winner, Aileen Sanchez for taking home the $200.00 gift card prize. Another raffle winner, Hugh Kollar took home the largest species $100.00 gift card award.

Some highlights from last year were the winners of the MBMC Marlin Tournament. Despite no qualifying fish being caught, I believe about everyone went home with at least one raffle prize and our three big winners taking home top prizes with the tournament awards being raffled.

  • 1st prize ($1000.00) went to Ryan Kohler
  • 2nd prize ($700.00) went to Donna Hargraves
  • 3rd prize ($500.00) went to Jose Sanchez

Aside from the above, I wanted to send out a congrats to our only 2021 tournament winner, team Encounter, for winning the rock cod tournament. All other tournament entries were returned to the entrants based on lack of entry or qualifying catches. We are all hoping to see more participation this year as the world returns to normal.

One more item to note is to inform you all that MBMC directories went out at the beginning of the month along with club decals so if you did not receive yours, feel free to let the board know via email and we will get it straightened out. 

I think that about covers it for now…..looking forward to seeing you all soon!

Tight lines and big fish,

Shane Hurt  , MBMC President  – 2022