Bay Bass Tournament Results

MBMC Members,

The 2022 Bay Bass Tournament is now official.  Great weather for Saturday and Sunday on the Bay.  An enjoyable San Diego Spring weekend to be out on the water.

Congratulations to the Hargraves for sweeping the awards!

  • Men’s Winner ($155)      Bob Hargraves – Radar
  • Women’s Winner ($30)   Donna Hargraves – Radar
  • Junior’s Winner ($10)      Brent Hargraves Jr. – Radar

We had a total of seven (7) Anglers.  Thank you all for your participation.

  • Mario Souza
  • Ken Yasuda
  • Kent Yamada
  • Bob Hargraves
  • Donna Hargraves
  • Brent Hargraves Sr.
  • Brent Hargraves Jr.

Catch stats were as follows:

  • Bob Hargraves – 15-1/2″ Spotted Sand Bass
  • Ken Yasuda – 15″ Spotted Sand Bass
  • Donna Hargraves – 14-3/4″ Spotted Sand Bass
  • Brent Hargraves Sr. – 14-1/4″ Spotted Sand Bass
  • Brent Hargraves Jr. – 14-1/4″ Spotted Sand Bass

Next year’s goal will be for a bigger and better Tournament.  I’ll have to add it to my Calendar to be sure and get in on the fun. Don’t forget, the MBMC Halibut / Whiteseabass Tournament is this month (May 21/22). In the meantime, there are bluefin to be chased, rockcod to be wound up, & yellowtail to keep an eye out for.

Have a great week.

Kevin Yamamoto

MBMC – Tournament Co-Chair