Marlin Seminar Recap

Thank you to all the attendees of this year’s Marlin Seminar.  We had a great showing with 22 members in attendance.  We want to welcome  three new members to the club that were in attendance. Ken Schilling (Joint Venture), Rob Gordon (Reel Control) and Ron Anderson (Gratitude). Thank you for your support.  The club now stands at 82 members.

Thanks to Ken Yasuda for securing the beautiful outdoor setting at The Bay Park Fish Company. The service and the food was outstanding.  And as always a big  thank you to Billy Vitale for putting such a great raffle together. To let you all know it takes a tremendous amount of time and effort to obtain all the fabulous prizes.

Thank you again.

 All the marlin tournament information will be forthcoming . Let’s Make this year’s tournament one of the best attended.  Grab some friends and get on the water.

The 2022 48th MBMC Marlin Tournament will start on September 23 with the captains meeting. The following day on the 24th will be the actual tournament itself.  Sunday the 25th will be the awards banquet. This event is always a lot of fun. MARK YOUR CALENDARS.

For those of you that attend this year’s  marlin seminar we were so fortunate to have Shane Hurt share his years of knowledge and experience with us. As most of you all know Shane and his father “Beak” are some of the top marlin fisherman around today.  A huge thank you Shane for taking time out of your busy schedule to share all your marlin tips with us.  And as Shane  promised he revealed some of his closely kept secrets to marlin fishing. Only 22 people now know those secrets.

Finally, to all members please take advantage of these seminars and tournaments.  The board puts a tremendous amount of time and effort into these events. Also please continue to tell your friends about the Mission Bay Marlin Club.

Thanks again,

Scott Paul