MBMC President’s Message – July 2022

Greetings fellow MBMC members….I hope this message finds you all well. Another month has transpired and the heart of the fishing season is upon us. I do hope you are finding time to get out on the water and enjoy some of the great fishing this season has presented so far.

I wanted to say welcome to some of our new and returning members….best of luck to you all this year:

  • Clint Lively –  Lively One, 28’ Topaz
  • Lou  Hayden –  Hot Pursuit, 28’ Pursuit
  • Daniel Lecuna – Reel Life, 30’ Boston Whaler
  • Robert Gordon – Reelcontrol, 26.5’ Edgewater
  • Charles Harris – Sticky Business, 33’ Grady White
  • Ken Hood – SeaBear , 32’ Sea Sport
  • Michael Van Zeeland – Marvin II, 30.5’ Grady White
  • Ron Anderson – Gratitude, 36’ Riviera

The FOM winner for June 2022 was John Brudvik with a 96.8 lb Bluefin Tuna. Well done John!

With that, it sounds like many of the larger grade BFT have moved into the local bight. Rest assured, there are still a nice mix of tuna grade to be had for anglers of all pursuits. There are few places that fishing has not been productive with Bluefin and Yellowfin being reported outside the Coronado’s up to the corner. With select kelp paddy’s also holding Dorado and Yellowtail in the nicer grade.

Additionally, Bluefin are scattered throughout the SoCal region all the way up to the Osborne according to recent reports. The ridge up to Catalina Island and onward between the islands also appears to be productive. In summary, it sounds like the whole local ocean is producing to those that make the trip.

I wanted to take a moment to thank those that attended the MBMC Marlin Seminar. Aside from a great venue at Bay Park Fish Co, the overall experience was great according to feedback. Special thanks goes out to your board members for making a great event happen. To all those that weren’t able to attend, or those that did and would like to do so, there will be a second Marlin seminar focusing on knots and rigging. Marlin Seminar II (and Dinner) is scheduled for Sunday, August 28, 2022 from  2:00 – 6:00pm at Bay Park Fish Company.

I am happy to announce that the annual MBMC Marlin Tournament is spooling up and is sure to be a hit as always! Your MBMC tournament committee is hard at work trying to make this an exceptional year. Special thanks goes out to members and MBMC tournament directors Ray Fear and Kevin Yamamoto, along with the rest of your MBMC board for all their effort in making this happen. If you have not already received an announcement for entry and tournament sponsorship, you will be receiving such soon. Please help the club out in making this a great 2022 tournament! Rooms for the captains meeting and awards banquet have already been booked. We can’t wait to see you all there! 

I will bring this month’s letter to a close for now. I do hope you are all making the time to get out on the water to enjoy an amazing year thus far. By the looks of it, this season has all the makings of being fun for all anglers.

Tight lines and smooth seas,

Shane Hurt

(MBMC President – 2022)