A Women’s Perspective of the Awards Banquet

Wow! What an outstanding evening and event! Tom Ham’s Lighthouse Restaurant was a fantastic new venue and a beautiful setting for our banquet! The food, I had steak which was excellent and cooked just right but the salmon and chicken were also yummy according to the others at my table! The servers were outstanding and seemed to take a real interest in making sure we were well cared for. Dan and I have got to get back there and try the dining room overlooking our beautiful harbor. The view of the bay and downtown city was unbelievable with cruise ships sailing by. It was great to see all the other ladies there and get to meet so many new folks. We all had a good time comparing fishing stories.

I’m amazed at how much fishing knowledge there is in our club, not only the fellows but us ladies too! I hope everyone will continue to come to future events and provide support for our club. The whole evening ran very smoothly starting with the presentation to the American Heart Association which is near to our hearts and we all were amazed by the speaker’s testimony! All of the awards for the various tournaments, largest species, Fish of the Month, First Fish Flags and Oscars winners were great fun. Hopefully this will be an even better fishing season coming up. I think it is going to be a great year for the club and can’t wait for the next event!

Best wishes, Ann Thompson