April FOM Drawing

Hi everyone!

I hope this message finds you all healthy.   

Due to the stay at home order and MBMC members not being able to fish, the board has decided to randomly draw the April FOM Winner from the FOM participants.

Drum roll please — The April FOM Winner is: Elaine Bailey Hughes ( a new Member ) from the boat “TIME OUT”.  Elaine will receive the April FOM Gift Card. 


Weighmaster, Billy Vitale

President’s Message

Greetings everyone. I hope this finds you all safe and healthy with a longing for time on the water and fellowship with your friends. No one can say when they will open the world back up but whenever that is M.B.M.C. will be ready to roll.

We had a Conference call with all the board members on April 1st. We had thought that the ocean would be open to boats slipped in the marinas for the Rockfish Tournament, but that wasn’t possible.

Congratulations to Trish Carlin on winning F.O.M. with a 7lb Lingcod for the month of March.

The directory and the website are being worked on but the virus has delayed them.

I have spoken To Bill Depriest who is a Deep Drop Swordfish Charter Captain and the publisher of Pacific Coast Sportfishing Magazine about doing a seminar for us and he has agreed to. I know this will be something to look forward to, but I can’t tell you when that will be. I was lucky enough to catch a 127lb swordie this past November and be the skipper deckhand on another right out front. This fishery is evolving fast and anyone and everyone with the right gear and information can be successful . I hope you will attend once we get it scheduled.

 Hope to see you all soon, be safe, Shawn

Bay Bass Catch-Photo-Release Tournament

The upcoming bay bass tournament is still on for this weekend.

The first tournament of the year is the Bay Bass Tournament to be held March 28-29, 2020. This tournament will be a catch -photo-release format. Click on the following links for Rules and Entry Form.

The weather looks great. Your entry can be left at Dana landing.  

It’s a great chance to get outside while still practicing social distancing.

The current fish of the month is a 7 lb lingcod caught by Trish Carlin

Bob Hargraves

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Incoming President’s Message

Greetings Mission Bay Marlin Club Members!

My name is Shawn Kaus and I have the privilege of being president of the club for the upcoming year. I have been a member for the past 20 years and was president, vice president, and Tournament Director in years past. I’m excited to announce that we will have 9 board members for the club this year. We have 4 returning and 5 new board members. President-Shawn Kaus, Vice President- Micah Andersen, Secretary – Shane Hurt, Tournament Directors -Bob Hargraves, and Rafael Sanchez, Membership- Ken Yasuda, Weighmaster- Billy Vitale, Treasurer- Trish Carlin, and Social Director- Jarrad Gilbert. I am excited that this board will have the opportunity to make this a fantastic year for all our members.

I would like to thank our departing board members who worked so hard for all of us the past year. Dan Muslin was a great president over the last year. He worked through many difficult situations and did so with a smile on his face. Dan was President, but also helped me with the tournaments, was M.C. at all of the functions, and did so many, many more tasks. Thank you, Dan and Ann, for giving so much of your time to all of us this past year.  

I also would like to thank Paul Himmelberger who was a huge part of the club this past year. Paul has been a member since the ’70s and is a past president. He arranged all the catered seminars and functions this past year as well as keeping the club running at the highest level possible. Paul will be an asset this year to the board even though he is stepping down. Thank you, Paul!  

Lastly, but definitely not least, is Donna Hargraves. Donna has served longer as a board member than anyone I know. She has done a fantastic job as Treasurer and so much more. Her  enthusiasm and hard work has benefitted the club since the day she joined. Thank you Donna! 

In conclusion, we are all volunteering our time to make this club a blessing to all our members. We strive to make decisions that best benefit the club and its members.  The pros and cons are debated and with decisions made in a democratic way. Your input is always welcome and will be brought to the board for a vote. We are also open to any ideas for club functions and topics for seminars. Lets enjoy the club to the fullest this year.  

Tight lines, Shawn