“DOGHOUSE” Catches Fish with Bird

It’s been an interesting year so far watching the evolution of fishing techniques. The learning curve is steep, and the methods have only been effective for a short time before the fish “Get Hip to It” and scoff at your offering.
This week it has been trolled flying fish delivered from above. The details matter as it pertains to lure placement. Try to keep your lure off to the side in clean water (away from the wake and prop wash), 150 yds back. Tie a bright ribbon 20 ft above your lure so you can track its position, it should skip across the top of the water like a flying fish.
Communicate with the captain to make any necessary course change to keep the kite aloft, and the bird running in clean water. This technique produces spectacular strikes! Once the lure gets knocked down, move your drag to strike and let the fish run. (we run 20-23 lbs of drag @ strike calibrated with a scale)
They will normally dump half the spool on a size 50 Wide reel or more. As soon as he stops running, start grinding – and do not stop! Use low gear if you have to – but keep turning that handle!
The lure should have a 8/0 – 10/0 size J hook and be rigged with 400 lb test crimped leader. The reel should have 100 lb test spectra backing as a minimum. I use a short top shot of 150-200 (heavy mono), crimped to a 300 lb BB snap swivel.
Good Luck and Tight Lines
Billy V
Captain Jeff Meeker and Tim Honeck