Hello all members!  August is already upon us, the bait is starting to show up on the banks.  As a result gamefish are starting to show. Both Yellowtail and Dorado are being found and being caught by members, and starting to show more consistently on patties. Yellowfin have been showing under the dolphin. Watch for terns over the dolphin, usually a sure sign of yellowfin underneath.  Bluefin are still around and still finicky .  The Coronados are kicking out barracuda, bass and yellows. Good luck dealing with the seals.

On August 6th Capt. Ken Yasuda on the Encounter claimed the First Marlin flag of 2023. The  fish bit a black and purple custom Encounter Lure. Angler Herman Sumpena took care of business and had the fish to leader in 15 min. Kevin Yamamoto did the leadering and the fish was released healthy to live another day.  Congratulations to the ENCOUNTER.

Welcome new members:

Charles Harris– 33 ft Grady White “ Sticky Business”

Craig Sem     –  23ft Pro-line        “Tuna Helper”

Tom Patton     – 30ft Pursuit          “Bites On”

Kirk Lessley    -28ft  Grady White ”Grady No Name”

Pat Holmes    -25ft Davis              “Hawk”

There was no fish weighed in for Fish of the Month for July. 

The July 15\16 Tuna Tournament produced no fish.

Remember, the  What’s Hot Tournament  will be held on August  the 19/20 – This will include yellows and dorado.  Let’s get out there and get some fish weighed in . There are prizes to be won.

September 2nd is our Marlin Seminar at the Marina Village Deli. The seminar will be from 2-5 pm.  Food being served from 2-3. Burgers, sandwiches, fries, and a beverage will be served. The cost will be $10.00.  There will be another great raffle.

Sign ups for the Jerry and Roy Lively Month Long Marlin Tournament will also be available at the seminar. As well as signups for the 49th Annual MBMC Marlin Tournament Sept 22-24 . Let’s have a great showing of members. Mission Bay Marlin Club 50th anniversary shirts will also be available for purchase.

The 49th Annual MBMC Marlin Tournament is coming up soon, we are asking members to help us out with donations.  This makes for a great tournament raffle and is the largest way to help raise money for the club. Thank you to all those who have generously donated already. Please contact Ray Fear if you have any questions or donations .

Jerry Lively’s  celebration of life was held July 30th. The celebration of life was well attended by family and many past and present MBMC members. He will be greatly missed.  This year the 49th MBMC marlin tournament will be in memory of Jerry.  Let’s get out there and catch a marlin for Jerry.

Tim and Heidi McBride, longtime members, will be representing MBMC in the prestigious Hawaiian Billfish Tournament. Wishing you Good Fishing and good luck catching a Big Blue.

We have 85 members.  Let’s all get involved with your club. It only makes the club better. It’s always fun to fish with members. Whether it be just for fun or during tournaments.

Be safe on the water and hopefully we will see everybody at the September 2nd Marlin Seminar – please RSVP.

Tighten Lines,

Scott Paul

secretary/social director