September President’s Message

Greetings MBMC members….I hope this message finds you all well. 

As we roll on through prime So Cal fishing season, I wanted to take a moment to convey some important reminders and updates to keep you all abreast of the latest developments. 

To begin, a reminder that this Sunday (Sept 5th), from 2-5 P.M. is the MBMC Marlin Seminar featuring Mike “The Beak” Hurt. So far, attendance is expected to be above 20 members so there is still room if you find you can make it. There is sure to be plenty of good info provided to benefit the novice angler as well as those that have spent some considerable amount of time on the water. See you there!

Next up, a reminder that the Roy Lively Month Long Marlin  Tournament has kicked off as of Sept 1, 2021. Enroll now to make sure your catch qualifies for this annual MBMC tournament! (Rules and Entry form )

Later this month, we will be hosting the annual MBMC Marlin Tournament. Scheduled for Saturday, September 25th, 2021. There will be a captain’s meeting on Friday, September 24th and an awards banquet on Sunday, September 26th; all events will be held at Marina Village this year. The MBMC board is working hard to gather raffle items and prizes so if any members have suggestions or contributions to the cause, please contact a board member with details. As a reminder, this tournament is open only to MBMC boats and their guests. (Rules and Entry form

Also of note to those that would like to participate and support a fellow club….the Balboa Angling Club is hosting it’s annual Ladies Billfish Tournament the same weekend as the MBMC Marlin Tournament. From what I can see there should not be any conflict in dual participation so any of you ladies that are interested in getting out there to flex your muscle and take home an award for both, I wanted you to be aware. See flyer….. 

Now onto the meat and potatoes….for those of you that aren’t aware, there has been a rather good showing of marlin right on the doorstep of Mission Bay. In as close as 4 miles, the lure fishing behind the boat, as well as a decent show of sleepers and tailers throughout the day. Some days have been better than others with the fish showing in off color water. Also of note has been the White Sea Bass off the roller coaster (I think the squid may have dried up there at this point) and Yellowtail at La Jolla. Making bait has been sporadic but my intel is saying that off Scripps Pier has been decent with some being found off the Roller Coaster and most recently as a last resort it is wide open at the NW end of the San Diego bait barge. 

Special congrats goes out to Dan Muslin and Ann Thompson aboard To The Limit for MBMC First Released Marlin, caught in late August  just off Mission Bay.  Also of note was the August FOM award going to Billy Vitale for his catch of a 50.5 lb White Sea Bass. Well done Billy!

I think that covers it for now. Get out and enjoy some time on the water and get on what has been some great local fishing.

Tight lines!

Shane Hurt