President’s Message – April 2015

All Members,
We are now in the month of April. Wow! Time is going by fast. The future now is looking good for weather and fishing for the rest of the season.

The upcoming April tournament is Rockfish and is scheduled for April 25-26 with the Captains meeting on Friday April 24 6:30 at Marina Village. I have scheduled a speaker to come out and discuss techniques, management and related topics to the Rockfish fishery we have off our coast. Randy Hupp is a former commercial rockfish fisherman , inventor and manufacturer of the release device Roclease. He will have one to demonstrate and has graciously donated a couple for our raffle prizes. He has vast knowledge of rockfish habitat conditions that they prefer and will be a good source to gain more knowledge on rockfish. Come out and meet with us Friday the 24th for an informative and fun evening. Finish Reading: President’s Message – April 2015

President’s Message – March 2015

Welcome to the 2015 season.

The Club had the Annual awards banquet Saturday January 24 at Marina Village. It was a nice evening with those that attended. A catered meal was served along with dessert. The year’s awards were presented to members recognizing the accomplishments from the 2014 season.

Thank you all who participated in 2014 and congratulations to the Top anglers and Boats. The 2015 season commenced with our Annual membership meeting and Bingo night February 21. Although the attendance at this important meeting was low, the members that did attend had a fun time with pizza and 10 games of Bingo. Billy Vitale took time out to put together 10 gift bags for each game of Bingo. Each bag contained items that could be used at Home or on the Boat. As an added bonus there were Beanie hats hand knitted and donated by Billy’s Mother who is visiting from Hoboken, New Jersey.  Finish Reading: President’s Message – March 2015