President’s Message – April 2015

All Members,
We are now in the month of April. Wow! Time is going by fast. The future now is looking good for weather and fishing for the rest of the season.

The upcoming April tournament is Rockfish and is scheduled for April 25-26 with the Captains meeting on Friday April 24 6:30 at Marina Village. I have scheduled a speaker to come out and discuss techniques, management and related topics to the Rockfish fishery we have off our coast. Randy Hupp is a former commercial rockfish fisherman , inventor and manufacturer of the release device Roclease. He will have one to demonstrate and has graciously donated a couple for our raffle prizes. He has vast knowledge of rockfish habitat conditions that they prefer and will be a good source to gain more knowledge on rockfish. Come out and meet with us Friday the 24th for an informative and fun evening.

Fish of the Month for March was landed by William Vitale. A yellowtail weighed in at 30#. Congratulations Billy. You can present yourself with the FOM reel at the Rockfish Capts. Meeting. As of this writing the April FOM is wide open with no fish weighed in. Go out and get a good one before the end of the month.

April is also the month your Lobster Report cards are to be turned in to the DFW either by mail or on the DFW website. The deadline is April 30th. Do not be late. A $20 fine will be due when you purchase next season’s card. Help the DFW mange this fishery with the accurate count of your catch and save $20.

Day at the Docks is Sunday April 19th 9am-5pm at Fisherman’s Landing on Scott Street. This is a fun, informative, low key and free event. It’s a good time and place to meet up with fellow anglers, pick up some gear at good prices. Through the years Fisherman’s has given great support to our Club and it is time to return the generosity and support them. While you are there check out the booth for the CCA. Get informed about the organization and join up to help support the fishing related causes they are advocates for all fishermen. Fred Hall show was in March and I hope you were able to attend and enjoy the seminars and pick up some new techniques and gear.

Fishing Report: Reports I have read and heard are that there are Yellowtail in La Jolla that are on again off again. Pretty consistent at the Coronados. These fish are biting everything. Surface iron,flyline baits,slow troll and Rapalas. Some showing on kelps offshore(rather small). Yellowfin further south . Rockfish are biting when conditions are favorable. Bluefin showing and frustrating anglers with the finicky tendencies they typically have. All show no go. Anything is possible this season. Go out and look around. You never know you may get that epic day we all dream about.

Website News: Got an update from Jerry Lively on the new website. He and Larry Oberti seem to have finalized a format and the designer is working on putting it all in place. Stay tuned as we will inform you all when we launch it. Thank you both jerry and Larry for your ongoing efforts on this time consuming task. Can’t wait to see the results of your work.

Membership: In the March President’s message there is a call for volunteer’s to help with running the various tasks for the Club. We received a response from Dennis and Mako Ogden. They have offered their time and efforts to help with the Annual Heart Tournament. Thank you Dennis and Mako for once again taking on this task. This event and others take more than a couple people complete. We still need others to come forward and help with prize donations and other tasks. Remember this is a fundraiser for the American Heart Association and is the 41st year we have been able to support this well deserving Association. Let’s all do our part to make it another successful fundraiser.

Please contact any Board member if you can help out in any way with the Club. Thank you all for your time and hope to see you all at the upcoming events and out on the water for what should be a Fantastic fishing season.

John E. Pye
Mission Bay Marlin Club 2015