OOPsLINE – June 2023

Mission Bay Marlin Club Members,

June is upon us. The weather has been typical June gloom. Fishing has been a lot of hit and miss days.  Recently the local kelp beds have been kicking out good calico bass fishing with the occasional barracuda and yellowtail. A 45 pound yellowtail was caught off La Jolla  on a 1/2 day  part boat.  The Coronados have started to clean up. There have been large schools of yellows being metered. Offshore has been hit or miss for most.  There were reports of a 150 and a 180 bluefin being caught off the 302 on friday and saturday.  Sunday slowed again.  Kelps are hit or miss for yellowtail.

A strong El Nino has been predicted for this year. Hopefully it happens and we see a large influx of warm water fish.

Just a reminder the Bluefin Seminar and Social is June 17th from 2-5 pm. See attached flyer. Please RSVP if you haven’t already. We will be limited to 30 participants.

John White will be giving a very informative seminar on the latest techniques for bluefin tuna.

Please mark your calendars for the MBMC 50th anniversary celebration. The event will be held July 22nd beginning at 4;00 pm. This will be taking place at BayParkFish Co.

Congratulations to May FOM winner – Lou Hayden with a 30.2 lb Halibut.  Nice catch!

We would like to welcome new members for the month of June:

Mike Morgan

Jack Mitchell– 21ft Eastern “Mongo”

William Karsten-33ft Rampage Express “Mas Olas”

Daniel Karstens-33ft Rampage Express “Mas Olas”

Rob Leckrone-25ft Grady “Sparky”

Edwards Family on their Contender “Natty Adela ”

   Alex,Tiesto,Anico,and Allison.

Thank you all for joining the  MBMC .

Wishing everybody a safe and fishy month.

Tight Lines,

Scott Paul